Marcia Forbes PhD
May 29, 2015

Traditional Literacy as Foundation

All of us who achieve any level of digital literacy will know straight off that we could not effectively use our cell phones, tablets, lap tops, or desk tops or skilfully navigate and make meaning of the Internet, if we were not able to read and write and to understand words, numbers and symbols.

Marcia Forbes PhD
June 1, 2015

Role-Models are Essential

Marcia Forbes PhD
January 30, 2015

Mergers the New Mantra

Implications of the merger between Cable & Wireless and Columbus Communications are fraught with many nuances that only the most astute and those with a keen understanding of where the future lies can fully appreciate. Most of us do not fall into either of those two categories, far less into both.

Marcia Forbes PhD
March 9, 2016

Fresh-faced Senators so Far

Marcia Forbes PhD
January 15, 2014

Jamaicans in Atlanta

Jamaicans in the Convention Centre, Atlanta 2011, wanted to get on with the dance. It was the annual Independence Ball hosted by the Atlanta Jamaica Association.

Marcia Forbes PhD
September 23, 2013

Women at the Tip

Marcia Forbes PhD
January 31, 2014

Help Me to Understand & to Believe

I WANT to believe in the Jamaica Logistics Hub. I want to feel that this multi-pronged development initiative is going to help to realize the much-touted and highly optimistic Vision 2030 and make Jamaica the place to do business and to raise my Great Grandchildren (if I’m lucky enough to get Grandchildren in the first place).

Marcia Forbes PhD
February 7, 2014

Connecting Suppliers to Customers

PROFESSOR Gordon Shirley, head honcho at the Port Authority of Jamaica, recently told us that the Jamaica Logistics Hub Initiative was designed to “leverage Jamaica’s strategic location to become an integral link in the global supply chain.”

But not everyone will understand what ‘global supply chain’ means.

Marcia Forbes PhD
June 26, 2014

A Glimpse Into the Future 

I recently presented at a leadership conference which sought to get a glimpse of the future by examining today’s trends. The following are excerpts from that presentation which looked at media changes and potential opportunities.

Marcia Forbes PhD
March 6, 2013

We Waan Jostice! Who Cares?

Marcia Forbes PhD
May 11, 2013

A FEW DAYS AGO I attended a conference called “The Business of Sport.” Several representatives from various sporting bodies, including the Olympics Association, ESPN, NFL and West Indies Cricket, were in attendance alongside government ministers from Jamaica, Belize and Barbados.

Marcia Forbes PhD
March 21, 2013

Boys & Girls Champs

Marcia Forbes PhD
April 13, 2013

The Northern Caribbean University – A Seventh-day Adventist Institution Reaching Out

Recently the Northern Caribbean University invited me to serve as Keynote Speaker for the annual conference hosted by its Department of Communication Studies. The topic was “Using Media to help Jamaicans Remain Jamaicanly.”

Marcia Forbes PhD
December 13, 2013

Dwindling Audiences for TV

The King is dead. Long live the King! I will get back to this. Free to air TV stations and cable operators, in particular hardwire cable, have reason to be concerned. Their audiences are increasingly migrating online. The internet is proving to be the nemesis of numerous businesses, especially those in communication.

Marcia Forbes PhD
June 12, 2013

Creating TV Content for Export